Prices and Ordering

Big River Beef raises high quality certified organic grass fed beef.

We sell our beef on a preorder basis, where you order a box now and we deliver it to you in December.

 We offer mixed packs of beef, which we believe is a great way for you to receive a variety of cuts of meat at a much more affordable price per pound than if you were to just buy an individual steak from the butcher.  Plus, you get to try out some cuts that you may not be familiar with.


We have 2 sizes of mixed beef bundles: These mixes offer a great selection of beef that includes lean ground burger,
choice steaks (like rib and T-bone), roasts, plus stew meat and meaty soup bones.
25 lb pack – $225 — We are all sold out for 2017!
– 8 or 9 lbs of burger
4 choice steaks (rib, t-bone & sirloin)
2 round steaks
1 package of stew meat
2 roasts (chuck, arm, rump or sirloin tip)
1 package of meaty soup bones
50 lb pack – $425 — We are all sold out for 2017!
just double the above!
We also offer 25 lb packs of our lean hamburger. They come in 1# tubes.
25 lb lean hamburger pack – $175 – We are all sold out for 2017!
Your grass fed beef will be frozen and wrapped in meal- size packages
(i.e. 1 pound hamburger, 2 steaks, 1 roast, etc).


We also sell our beef in larger quantities at a reduced price.

We are all sold out of our bulk beef deliveries for 2017!

Click HERE if you would like to be put on our waiting list for the next round of steers.


You can simply place an order by email: just send  Mike a message at:
Delivery of our grass-fed beef packs will between December 13-16, 2017.
We will be delivering to the same sites that the Driftless Organics CSA veggies are delivered to.
Follow this link to see where we deliver.